“Get On With The Day Job” First Minister

SCOTS voters have given a devastating verdict on Nicola Sturgeon's SNP.

In an exclusive poll for the Scottish Daily Express they have told her to just get on with the day job and stop agitating for another vote on independence.

The poll has found that 59 per cent of people agree that the First Minister should prioritise improving public services over pursuing another vote on separation.

Only 12 per cent of voters disagree while 29 per cent are uncertain, meaning five times as many want the SNP to get on with running the country as want independence.

The poll of 1,009 voters by BMG Research - between February 23-27 - was funded by Edinburgh-based Brexit campaigner Mev Brown.

Further findings show a similar majority of people believe Holyrood politicians from all parties are failing to connect with ordinary people.

Fifty-four per cent agree that Scotland's political elite is more talk than action when it comes to dealing with problems facing Scots. Only 16 per cent disagree.

The findings come after the SNP has been in power for almost a decade, during which time political debate has been dominated by the independence question.

Over the same period, Scotland's schools have slipped down the … [click for full story]

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