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Why did I set up this website?

I lost my faith in the "political elite" in 2004.

Like so many in 2003, I believed the lies coming out of No. 10 about Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction, that they could hit British bases within 45 minutes. I joined the Territorial Army.

Then we had the Hutton Inquiry in January 2004, followed by the Butler report in July 2004 and, as we all know, they never did find any WMDs.

On a positive note, I did feel I was wrong, but I was wrong for the right reasons. Those on the other side of the "debate", were right, but for the wrong reasons.



That was when I became active in writing and politics.

I took the view that the biggest battles were not to be fought in foreign fields, but here, at home.

Over the years, I have come to understand how the "political elite" operate.

Indeed, I have coined a phrase: “The dodgiest politicians never lie, they just never tell the truth".

I also found I am quite good at figuring out what the "political elite" want to hide from us.

I feel there was a time when those entering politics did so because of some idea, a vision, of a better society. Those days are clearly gone. Today, it is all about knocking the spots of the opposition and little else. It's just a game - a charade.

I have come to understand just how detached from reality today’s “professional” politicians are. My view is: “If you do not understand how the real world works, is it even possible to develop policy that will have a positive impact on society”? I fear that for many of the "political elite", it is about winning the debate and good headlines on tomorrow’s front pages.

Today's politicians just care about is winning. They will do, or say, whatever it takes, to win.

The sad reality is, while they bicker, they are fixing nothing, and we as a society, pay the price.

That is why I have set this website up.