The EU is taking over the UK's Defence

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The REAL reason Scots want Indy

SCOTTISH Brexiteer Mev Brown warned there was one overlooked element that was influencing Scots desire for independence, and Brexit wasn’t the only issue.

Chief Spokesman for the Social Democratic Party for Scotland Mev Brown explained that although Brexit was widely considered to impact Scotland differently from the rest of the UK, it wasn’t the only argument for Independence.

In an interview with, Mr Brown argued that the Iraq War, held by Labour Party’s Tony Blair, was still an influencing factor. Mr Brown argued that the Iraq War negatively impacted Scotland and therefore added to the desire to break away from the UK and become independent.

The SDP spokesman said: “Tension has been building for a while.

I did some polling a couple of years ago, I was a chief spokesman for a business in Scotland during the referendum.

The issue of the impact of Brexit on the Scottish Independence movement came up in conversation.

I have been active in politics for 15 years, I have spoken to thousands of people on the doorstep.

When I talk to people on the doorstep I tend to listen more than talk as you get a lot of really good information.

One of the things I found over the years was... [click for full story]

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China’s bond defaults could spike

As China’s banks start to fail, there is a bigger worry for the Peoples Bank of China (PBoC, the central Bank). China’s bond defaults are on the rise and US$7.8billion is coming due in 2020.

A record pace of defaults hit China’s domestic bonds this year. In 2020, it could be the offshore market’s turn.

That’s because of a looming wall of dollar debt, issued by now-stressed borrowers, that comes to maturity. There’s US$8.6 billion of offshore bonds coming due next year that currently have at least 15 per cent yields – classifying them as stressed, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Put another way, nearly 40 per cent of total outstanding corporate dollar bonds from China’s most troubled companies is due next year. With Chinese policymakers emphasising the need to continue a campaign to limit leverage, it suggests a pickup in defaults. For those lured ... [click for full story]


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Remaniac Sturgeon will look foolish

SCOTTISH Brexiteer Mev Brown argued Nicola Sturgeon will “look foolish” and her credibility damaged on November 1.

Scottish Democratic Party spokesman Mev Brown insisted Nicola Sturgeon would have her independence dreams “killed” after Brexit. During an interview with, Mr Brown explained Ms Sturgeon’s rhetoric on what Brexit would mean for Scotland would ultimately “compromise her credibility”. He added the Scottish leader’s core argument for an independence referendum would centre around Brexit being bad for Scotland.

Mr Brown said: “After Brexit, no one is going to notice a difference.

They are going to think 'Nicola Sturgeon you said we would fall off a cliff edge and we haven’t'.

Nicola will compromise her credibility and she is going to look rather foolish.

I think this is true for Remainers in general but Nicola Sturgeon particularly because she is talking about is the basis of her independent referendum campaign.

If it turns out to be a non-event people are going to think what the hell?

I think it will kill it, her independent referendum dream.

We have seen support falling into 40 percent and 30 percent over the years.

I am in two minds but I do think it will take years for the benefits... [click for full story]

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Soros: My EU Project Is Collapsing

11 years after the 2008 financial crisis, the Euro-Zone economy is teetering on the edge of a recession. I recently came across this warning from George Soros. Is it “game over” for the EU?

Globalist billionaire George Soros has warned that his EU project is collapsing, and has vowed to do everything in his power to save it – even if that means engineering a financial crisis.

A surging US dollar will lead to another “major” financial crisis, Soros told EU ministers on Tuesday. reports: Speaking in Paris on Tuesday at a meeting organized by think tank the European Council on Foreign Relations, he said that the European Union is facing an imminent existential threat.

“Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong,” he said, adding: “It is no longer a figure of speech to say that Europe is in existential... [click for full story]

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Watch out Nicola Sturgeon!

A FRUSTRATED Scottish Brexiteer revealed why the Social Democratic Party (SDP) could now champion the Brexit cause in Scotland and challenge Nicola Sturgeon.

SDP spokesman Mev Brown insisted that with Ruth Davidson out of the picture as Scottish Tory leader it is now a great opportunity for another party to challenge Nicola Sturgeon’s Brexit rhetoric. In an interview with, Mr Brown suggested part of the reason Ruth Davidson had resigned as Scottish Conservative Leader was due to her agreement with Ms Sturgeon on issues regarding Europe. He argued up until recently there was no voice or opposition to the Scottish Remain parties which ultimately resulted in Scotland as a whole voting to Remain.

The Scottish Democratic Party spokesman told “People have been buying the lines from the Remainers, all five Remain parties in Scotland.

They have not had a political alternative, there was no political alternative until the Social Democratic Party for Scotland formed last month.

We do have that opportunity to grab that ball and run with it.

I am hypothesising here; the reason Ruth Davidson stood down is that she knew she agreed with Nicola Sturgeon on all things Europe.

If Nicola is basing her independence referendum on Scotland being... [click for full story]

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Ruth Davidson was doomed to fail

A SCOTTISH Brexiteer argued Ruth Davidson was doomed to fail Scotland with Brexit as he claimed the “Davidson cult” defined the Scottish Conservatives under her tenure.

Social Democratic Party (SDP) spokesman Mev Brown claimed despite being the leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, it behaved more like a Ruth Davidson cult than a political party. During an interview with, he added that although the former Scottish Conservative had many qualities that would make her a good leader he was doubtful that she was genuinely “beneficial” to the Conservative Brexit stance. Mr Brown said: “I despair for the Scottish Conservatives and I appreciate the impact that Ruth has had.

She had morphed the party into the Ruth Davidson party.

If you look at election leaflets, flyers posters or whatever it would be the Ruth Davidson’s party or Ruth Davidson’s candidate.

It was not the Scottish Conservatives, if you were looking for the words Scottish Conservatives it would have been in the small print.

In fairness she is very photogenic, charismatic and has got the gift of the gab and is a genuinely nice person but I remember going to a training session in the run-up to the council elections and I think I had transported to... [click for full story]

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Sturgeon ‘marginalised’ Brexiteers

SCOTTISH BREXITEER Mev Brown revealed how Nicola Sturgeon was able to manipulate the argument of Brexit in Scotland leading up to the EU referendum.

Scottish Democrat Party (SDP) spokesperson Mev Brown claimed Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage’s unpopularity in Scotland ultimately played into the hands of Nicola Sturgeon. During an interview with, Mr Brown said Nicola Sturgeon was able to garner the most media attention as she was a recognised figure, whereas key Brexiteers were disliked in Scotland. Mr Brown said:

There were a few problems with the EU referendum in Scotland.

Firstly, we got almost no funding, I think we are talking hundreds rather than thousands of pounds.

They spent absolutely no money in Scotland, beyond on that all the Scottish political establishment were campaigning to Remain in the European Union.

We found that our campaign, the Social Democratic Party campaign, marginalised by that.

Somebody would get a press release from Nicola Sturgeon and various other party leaders they would get the slot so we were marginalised.

Again, we had a very difficult relationship with the Leave campaign in that they would issue press releases without referring to us beforehand.

So, what that meant there was no Scottish voice in the Vote Leave... [click for full story]

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Boris can win over Remainers says Brexiteer

SCOTTISH Brexiteer Mev Brown insisted Boris Johnson could very easily win over Remainers across the country and ensure he has the support of the entire of the UK with one simple action.

Social Democratic Party for Scotland spokesperson Mev Brown argued that Boris Johnson would gain the support of Remainers if he focussed on benefiting small businesses. While speaking to Mr Brown argued that a large majority of jobs were in small to large enterprises and improving the lives of those who work in these areas he would have more support for his Brexit promises. He added that the UK economy would thrive as a whole but also for those who work for smaller enterprises and focussing on this element would strengthen his Brexit argument.

Mr Brown said: “Boris Johnson’s government really needs to look at cutting back the red tape.

“Make life easier for the small business people.

“80 percent of jobs are in the small enterprises and you need to make life easier for them.

“If Boris got more time talking to customers and less time doing paperwork that is going to be all for the better.

“What you will see is the British economy growing faster, we are already... [click for full story]

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Scots In Favour Of Keeping The Pound

VOTERS have sent a clear message to Nicola Sturgeon as she draws up her currency plans for any independence campaign, with Scots ten to one in favour of keeping the pound.

The debate over sterling was one of the key battlegrounds the last time that Scots were asked this ‘once-in-a-generation’ question in 2014.

Alex Salmond insisted that Scotland could share the pound in a financial union with the rest of the UK, despite the UK Government firmly ruling out this option.

Earlier this year, it was widely reported the current SNP leader favours adopting a new currency as the key to securing victory in any new referendum.

However, a new poll has found that 68 per cent of voters agreed with the statement that “Scotland should continue using the pound, rather than creating a new Scottish currency”.

Only seven per cent of people disagree, with 25 per cent uncertain. Once this group is removed, a whopping 91 per cent of Scots want to keep sterling rather than adopt a Scottish pound.

The poll of 1,009 voters by BMG Research was conducted between February 23-27 and funded by Edinburgh based Brexit campaigner Mev Brown.

The survey also shows that women remain hugely unconvinced by the… [click for full story]

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