Ruth Davidson was doomed to fail

A SCOTTISH Brexiteer argued Ruth Davidson was doomed to fail Scotland with Brexit as he claimed the “Davidson cult” defined the Scottish Conservatives under her tenure.

Social Democratic Party (SDP) spokesman Mev Brown claimed despite being the leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, it behaved more like a Ruth Davidson cult than a political party. During an interview with, he added that although the former Scottish Conservative had many qualities that would make her a good leader he was doubtful that she was genuinely “beneficial” to the Conservative Brexit stance. Mr Brown said: “I despair for the Scottish Conservatives and I appreciate the impact that Ruth has had.

She had morphed the party into the Ruth Davidson party.

If you look at election leaflets, flyers posters or whatever it would be the Ruth Davidson’s party or Ruth Davidson’s candidate.

It was not the Scottish Conservatives, if you were looking for the words Scottish Conservatives it would have been in the small print.

In fairness she is very photogenic, charismatic and has got the gift of the gab and is a genuinely nice person but I remember going to a training session in the run-up to the council elections and I think I had transported to... [click for full story]

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