Scots Dismiss EU As "Gravy Train"

THE vast majority of Scottish voters dismiss the European Union as a “political gravy train”, according to a new poll.

The private survey showed almost half of the electorate thought the EU was a waste of money, with most people

more concerned about immigration and the state of the NHS rather than the nation’s place in the organisation.

It pours cold water on the SNP claims that Scotland is being dragged out of Europe against its will.

Former Business for Britain in Scotland spokesman Mev Brown commissioned the research by polling company BMG to find out if First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s stance was backed up by ordinary Scots.

The results proved that every age and socio-economic group, regardless of their gender or political tendencies, felt the EU was irrelevant to their lives.

Of the 1,010 Scots quizzed, 45 per cent agreed the political and economic union of 28 member states was a “political gravy train” with just 10 per cent disagreeing.

The remaining 45 per cent neither agreed nor disagreed.

However, if the uncertain category is excluded, the figure for those fed up with the EU jumps to 82 per cent.

Mr Brown said: “I commissioned the private polling to better understand… [click for full story]


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