Sturgeon ‘marginalised’ Brexiteers

SCOTTISH BREXITEER Mev Brown revealed how Nicola Sturgeon was able to manipulate the argument of Brexit in Scotland leading up to the EU referendum.

Scottish Democrat Party (SDP) spokesperson Mev Brown claimed Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage’s unpopularity in Scotland ultimately played into the hands of Nicola Sturgeon. During an interview with, Mr Brown said Nicola Sturgeon was able to garner the most media attention as she was a recognised figure, whereas key Brexiteers were disliked in Scotland. Mr Brown said:

There were a few problems with the EU referendum in Scotland.

Firstly, we got almost no funding, I think we are talking hundreds rather than thousands of pounds.

They spent absolutely no money in Scotland, beyond on that all the Scottish political establishment were campaigning to Remain in the European Union.

We found that our campaign, the Social Democratic Party campaign, marginalised by that.

Somebody would get a press release from Nicola Sturgeon and various other party leaders they would get the slot so we were marginalised.

Again, we had a very difficult relationship with the Leave campaign in that they would issue press releases without referring to us beforehand.

So, what that meant there was no Scottish voice in the Vote Leave... [click for full story]

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